Zenarmor (Sensei) by Sunny Valley (external)

Zenarmor is offered by Sunny Valley Networks

Zenarmor offers next generation firewall features for OPNsense, via a simple and easy to install plugin. The software is available in a free and a premium versions. The freeversion does not require a license.

Soho Pricing currently starts at $369,- p/y
Monthly subscriptions are also available as well as a home and premium version.

For details on the current plans see:  www.sunnyvalley.io/plans/



Advanced Persistent Protection for all…

The technology behind Zenarmor is industry’s first packet inspection engine that can do native TLS inspection.

Zenarmor technology enables cyber security tools with utmost visibility, packet classification and fine-grained policy enforcement for any type of traffic.

​More packet intelligence means better decision making. Better decision making means better success rates in detecting & preventing cyber attacks.