NEW DEC2600 Series – OPNsense® Rack Security Appliance

NEW ENCLOSURE! DEC2685  OPNsense® Rack Security Appliance

Gigabit Performance
Gigabit performance in a 1U rack.
Fully featured, great for SME’s and branch offices. 

ONLY 153mm deep, easily fits in a telecom rack


*  Compared to previous generation (DEC2680)

Get your official

OPNsense® Certified™ appliance directly from the developers.

At the heart of this small desktop AMD's G-Series SOC powers the Netboard A8. It's four independent Gpbs Ethernet ports can be configured any way you want.

Performance, great design,  the affordable option without compromise.

Free one year OPNsense® Business Edition.

√ Commercial firmware repository √ Free GeoIP database √ Official OPNsense Open Virtualization Image √ Free professional plugins (OPNcentral, Proxy Access) √ Free E-Book ( English & German )

Full specifications & model comparison

Models DEC2685
Preinstalled software OPNsense®
License Open Source + 1 year free Business Edition
Hardware Specifications
Typical Applications Firewall / Routing, VPN, IDPS & Webproxy
GbE RJ45 Ports [ 10/100/1000Mbps ] 4
USB Ports 1
Console Port 1
Internal Storage 256GB Solid State Flash
Memory 8GB DDR3
CPU Cores 4 (max frequency 1.6Ghz)
Virtual Interfaces (802.1q VLANS)1 4093
System Performance
Firewall Throughput 3300Mbps
Firewall Packets Per Second 275Kpps
Firewall Port to Port Throughput 900 Mbps
Firewall Port to Port Packets Per Second 75Kpps
Concurrent Sessions 7000000
Connections Per Second 35000
Firewall Latency (average) 200us
Firewall Policies (Recommended Maximum)1 10000
IPsec VPN Throughput (AES256GCM16) 600Mbps
IPsec VPN Packet Per Second (AES256GCM16) 50Kpps
Threat Protection Throughput Packet Per Second 29Kpps
Threat Protection Throughput ~327Mbps
High Availability with State Synchronisation Requires Two
Height x Width x Length (mm) 43.8 (1U) x 482.6 (19") x  153 (excl. handles)
Height x Width x Length (inches) 1.73 (1U)x 19 x 6.03
Form Factor 19" Rack mountable
Weight 2.1Kg
Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Maximum Current (AC) 0.8A
Power Consumption (Typical) 12W
Heat Dissipation 41 BTU/hr
Operating Temperature 0 to +45°C
Storage Temperature -20 to +70°C
Humidity 10-90% non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance
FCC part 15 Class A, CE, Rohs

1 The user interface is designed for normal business usage, large rulesets, high number of users or interface assignments may be less practical. All measurements are based upon TCP traffic unless stated otherwise. All measurements are based upon TCP traffic unless stated otherwise. Maximum PPS is a peak performance, measured using 100 byte packets.Firewall Port to Port package per seconds is the peak performance when using 1500 byte sized packages. Total Firewall Throughput is calculated by multiplying the maximum packets per second with a standard package size of 1500bytes. IPS performance is measured using a http simulation with random sized small (400-800 bytes) send packages and 1K-8K response packages with 150 simultaneous emulated users and 21000 rules enabled. SSL VPN is measured using AES256GCM16+SHA512 and total throughput is calculated based on system load.Concurrent sessions are based upon memory available, where one state consumes 1KB of memory and 1GB of memory is reserved for system tasks. Latency is measured using netperf. .